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In a period of increasing prices, why would the company tax accountant prefer the last in, first out method while the CEO would prefer first in, first out? Why is this important?

A tax accountant would prefer the last in first out method (LIFO) because if the price per unit has increased then they will realize a higher tax on the overall sales. A CEO would prefer a first in, first out (FIFO) because the price, sales rate, and other demographics could be monitored and inventory, prices, and location strategies could be adjusted for in subsequent shipments. FIFO has the possibility of showing a more realistic flow of goods and in turn represents a better picture of sales and profit pictures.

I think this is important to both tax accountant and CEO because it represents offsetting cost issues that both parties are paid to take advantage of. A tax accountant is paid to realize the highest tax potential from their (victims) clients. A CEO is paid to maximize profits while lowering costs which includes their tax burden.
A CEO would prefer first in, first out (FIFO) because this method reports the highest net income. A CEO will look at a higher net income as a positive because eternal users will view the company more favorable. Also bonuses (if based on net income) will be a higher bonus than if the company used the last in, first out (LIFO) method. A company's tax accountant, on the other hand, would prefer last in, first out ( LIFO) because LIFO results in the lowest income taxes because of having a lower net income if prices arise.

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