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How has automation aided the preparation, accuracy, and use of the financial statement worksheet?

Businesses rely on various tools and methodologies to prepare accurate financial statements at the end of a specific period, such as a quarter or fiscal year. These tools, including accounting data worksheets, mainframe computers and financial analysis software, help top leadership lay the groundwork for accurate and law-abiding financial reporting.

Preparing accounting reports through worksheets helps solve the perennial concern of financial managers: incorrect data. If a company's leadership makes decisions based on wrong information, the business could lose money if such decisions tie the organization's hands for the long term or involve substantial amounts of cash. To prevent erroneous financial reporting, organizations may create accounting templates and pre-populate these worksheets with specific items. 

Automation is a great tool. Automation allows the accounting department to prepare financial statements efficiently. It allows to input numbers in spots and automatically produce statement after completed. This saves time and money. The accuracy is relevant by automation because of set formulas that calculates the numbers for you. This is less chance of error. But if the formula is not right then accuracy would not be done by automation. The use of financial statements worksheets allows a user to catch mistakes before closing. Every in must have an out and the worksheet makes it easy to identify when a transaction is not inputted accurately.

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